About TBT

Responsibly for the administration of the sport of tenpin bowling in Tasmania. Tenpin Bowling Tasmania Inc. is affiliated with the National Sporting Organisation (Tenpin Bowling Australia Ltd) and is also supported by the Tasmanian Government.


A lifetime sport for all Tasmanians that enriches people’s lives through the spirit of community.


Work with industry to continually improve the tenpin bowling experience through:

  • Providing strong leadership and direction that guides the sport towards our vision;
  • Growing the game and profile with new participants, commercial partners and sponsors;
  • Nurturing the achievements of our state teams and athletes;
  • Developing and strengthening our grass roots programs through strong partnerships with government, our bowlers and officials; 
  • Preserving the traditions that shape the values and ethos of our game


Performance – We Deliver

Work enthusiastically toward the success of the business unit to achieve strategic and operational goals. Improve people skills, knowledge and performance.  Actively encourage sharing of skills, knowledge and ideas. Deliver results which meet or exceed customer’s need.

Quality – We Improve

Develop standards in keeping with industry best practice.  Consistently strive to improve organisational process and individual performance. 

Respect – We Do What’s Right

Accept personal responsibility for behaviours and actions.  Give open honest feedback with recognition and reward for a job well done.  

Responsibility – We Care

Provide a safe and healthy workplace in accordance with legislation.  Value and promote work/life balance for all staff and volunteers.  Promote and encourage personal development through provision of relevant training opportunities.