Strike 3 Bowling releases 2022 ANC Guide to the Event

By gcrick
September 22, 2021

Expansion plans to encompass more regions and elite players with introduction of franchised teams to the ANC

Strike 3 Bowling has today released the 2022 ANC Guide to the Event, outlining a bold plan to greatly increase elite level participation through the provision of more teams from more regions, which will help players to overcome the historical problems of time, distance and finance.

A streamlined program of sixteen days will see President’s Shield return to it’s traditional five-player team format, followed by Devil’s Lair Tasmania with Walter Rachuig Trophy being held in the second week. The tournament will be bookended by the two Masters events, both being held on weekends to enable players not in teams to be able to play without needing to take too much time off work. The shortened program will also reduce the chances for COVID related interruptions. It all gets underway on July 23 and concludes on August 7 with Zone Bowling Moonah again playing host. The full schedule can be found in the Guide to the Event.

Expansion also comes on the back of the ongoing nature of COVID-19 to ensure that even in the case of some states being in lockdown, the ANC will see high levels of participation and large team-based competitions still taking place.

Strike 3 Managing Director, Ashlee Perry said “We learned a lot this year in delivering the ANC in what has since been shown were very difficult times. We just had to hold our nerve for those who could still attend. Now we have a plan to better manage the COVID landscape we are living in and with the regions of Australia being far less impacted by lockdowns, we must give these players more opportunity to attend the ANC and represent their regions. The key goal for us is that there are over 5,000 elite level players in Australia and we should be continuously striving to encourage as many of them as we can to attend the ANC each year”.

TBA CEO, Rohan O’Neill commented “TBA is excited about ANC 2022 and the expansion across the President’s Shield and Walter Rachuig Trophy. We certainly need to adapt to our current environment and in doing so, explore innovative ways to deliver high quality tenpin bowling events for the elite athletes. ANC 2022 aims to deliver this outcome and we look forward to the delivery of another unique event by Strike 3 in Hobart next year.”

Franchise Application Forms and Master’s Entry Forms are available now in the Guide to the event or online at

Click here for your copy of the full Guide to the Event and get ready to make the trip to Hobart for an exciting bowling adventure like no other! You can follow us on Facebook and go to for further information.

  • Given the changes to the schedule for ANC2022 and expansion of the Junior and Adult teams’ events, the following is in place:

– TBA is exploring options for TBA50 and TBA21 in 2022 as standalone events, noting that these two events have been removed from ANC2022More information will be released before the end of 2021.